Youth Leader: Bro. Dan Ali

Contact : 763-400-0000

Youth Meeting: Sunday May 23rd 2021 directly after Sunday morning service.

GSF Youth Meeting Questions

Please answer these questions to the best of your ability using your Bible and the Message.

 A.      How, is the way we dress a statement?
 B.      Why, do I need to care about how I dress?
 C.      Does God, care about how I dress?
 D.      Does it matter to me how I dress?
 E.       Does it matter to others how I dress?
 F.       When should I care and when does it not matter?
 G.      What am I representing in the way I dress?
 H.      What is my motive for the way I dress?

Additional information will be shared with the group as we get closer to the youth meeting date.

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